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April 3, 2016, 6:25 p.m.
Pallavi Parashar
Make an informed decision!

In India, being able to get a college education is still considered a privilege for many due to the lack of awareness and proper access to the education system. For the ones who are able to break that barrier and get a chance to receive higher education, it becomes quite an effort and challenge for these students to make the right decision in terms of choosing a College that secures their career. The task has become even more difficult for us ‘Millennials’ owing to the exponential rise in the number of colleges in the past fifteen years. Every city is bustling with a number of educational Institutions; all promising quality education, state of the art facilities, excellent placement rates but the concern is should we blindly buy into these claims?

Let's address this issue brick by brick. The possibility of you finding a college in every street you pass is very likely. So when the time comes for you to make up your mind and select a particular college for yourself, how would you do it? Obviously, your marks and ranks play a huge role in taking that decision but then again we all want the best for ourselves. After you zero in on, lets say; 10 colleges that you may get into; it is not wise to apply into all 10 of them so you decide to do an elaborate research on the pros and cons of each of the college. Once you get on that task, you realise just how laborious, tedious and frustrating it is.

You visit a college website only to be disappointed in terms of the amount of information that is listed there. Most of the time the details mentioned are irrelevant, outdated and the important statistics are missing. For instance, a few colleges do not mention enough about their infrastructure, faculty and placement details on their website, which leaves you with nothing to base your research upon. In a few cases, the colleges furnish data that may be inflated, with no statistics to support their claims. There will be cases where you may not even find the website for a college. In the dearth of proper information, you either fall back on the input of the people who have already studied there or you just recklessly pick a college that seems to be better among the lot. Only once you actually enroll in a college, you are able to witness the reality.

A striking example of this scenario could be the number of engineering graduates that come out of technical Institutions every year but find it extremely difficult to get a job in their field of specialisation. Most of them remain unemployed, rest turn to Civil services, Banks, other Government jobs or take the MBA route. Now there is nothing wrong in switching careers to get gainful employment but think about all the hard work, time, energy and money you wasted in those four years of engineering or two years of MBA; Shouldn't they account for something productive?

With the number of engineers that our colleges produce every year, it is a herculean task for everyone to land a job because companies are only going to choose among the ‘creme de la creme’ of the Institutions. So the pivotal question is whether your Institution is a part of that group or not, are you being taught the right kind of skill sets, does your college provide you with enough opportunities in terms of campus recruitment, how are you unique from the rest of the thousands of engineers? Don't wait till the end of that last semester or your first job rejection to think about these issues. It will be too late. Address them right in the beginning, before you choose to take admission in a college and decide to give it those four precious years of your life. Ask yourself..Do you want to be just educated or employable as well?

There is a gap that exists between the Educational Institutions and the Students. When every college claims to be among the ‘Top Ten’ in various categories, how do you know for sure that it's the truth? There is a deficiency of proper tools to be able to evaluate and judge as to where a college stands with regards to the important parameters.

A platform is required that provides authentic and valid information about the colleges of your choice so that you can make competent decisions about where you should pursue your education, without having to worry about your future

MyTingli.com is one such platform where you can expect to browse through verified and transparent information and choose the right Institute for yourself.


April 3, 2016, 6:09 p.m.
Amulyaa Anoj
How challenging it has been to select the right Institute

Tring.. Tringg.. Tringgg.. As my phone keeps on ringing these days and messages keeps streaming with the curiosity of the acquaintances about their choice of college and career dilemma, I remember my own days of despair. Admission seasons are the time when the families experience, curiosity and indecisiveness; despair and excitement simultaneously. The thought of getting into a new environment, peer acceptance and tossing over the chances to succeed in life adds to the student’s sleepless nights, as well as, makes them zealous about the thought of entering a new phase of their life, meeting new people, different experiences, learnings etc.

But, never believe if someone says that selecting a college is a cake walk. It seems easy to describe a stage that they have already crossed in life. Two years back, when I was in same boots, even I faced the same dilemma. It literally made me scratch my head. Life becomes so stressful preparing for the entrance examinations, then waiting for the results and finally, when the results are out, the selection of college starts.

Firstly, the dilemma was the colleges that lie in the range of a particular score are more or less the same in terms of placement, students, faculties, infrastructure, facilities etc. moreover, if we go by the rank then the rank too keeps on changing every year. So, the question is, whether we should go by rank or not. How are the colleges given ranks? Can the colleges influence the institutions who do the ranking?

With so many parameters to compare, I was puzzled. Are all the parameters equally important? While comparing the colleges, it so happened that I came across one college that promotes peer learning while the other learning through industry experts, how do I know which one is better for me?

I had two of my acquaintances studying in the same college. When contacted them, one of them commended the college and while the other condemned. It obviously made me wonder whom to believe. Now, we all know that each of us are different so there are different perspective and liking or they must have had some different experiences. How to weight their experiences as a neutral person? How should I decide whether my experience would be like first acquaintance or the second?

Almost every college flaunts on their website about lush green campus, international standard infrastructure, huge library, world class canteen, best faculties, best industry experts, increase in average package etc. still, why should a student select it? What’s the return on the investment after graduating? Whether the claims are true or not? Sometimes, the website is not even updated to gather the information about the last academic year, what to infer then.

As earlier said, every individual is different so are their requirements, some might want a particular degree due to parental pressure, or because of his/ her interest in that particular field, or for good package. So, the college selection depends upon the individual too.

Everyone should meticulously select their alma mater, because, it shapes not only our future but our perception and personality too. Consult and introspect, this is what everyone does. In the times of advancing technology, people are getting more cautious because the world is available on the tips of the finger. And, thanks to mytingli.com, through which we can know how transparent the colleges are, whether whatever they proclaim publicly is true. It would surely decrease the dilemma and concern.


April 3, 2016, 5:54 p.m.
My Tingli
Why you should opt for MBA?

This question would have been asked & answered to you by numerous people around you. Everyone has its own take on this very trendy question.

But do you really know why you want an MBA? How MBA will change your life or how it will help you to achieve what you have dreamt of as your career goal?

For a change, this time we decide not to convey you the same ‘Jargon’ of why to do MBA and how MBA helps. This time we let you hear out to people who have succeeded in fulfilling their dreams in real.

This series of article on “How MBA degree changed my Life” will bring forth the stories of MBA students who are now on their journey to Success and they give this credit to their MBA Degree.

Today’s article is about Abhinav Kamal, Class of 2010-1012 of PGDM (Marketing/ IT) at IMT Nagpur. He is currently the Managing Director of Ten Motion Arts, Bangalore.

Read below the story of Abhinav and how he believed in creating an opportunity rather than just waiting for one.

Click here to read the complete story at www.mbauniverse.com